First time in Mexico city can be a frightening experience, the city is so big and so crowded that makes you feel somehow unprotected and small; that, however, must not stop you from having a good time in this beautiful, full of contrasts, city.

Here are some recommendations for first timers:

Main attractions:

1) Downtown area: This part of the city encloses most of the historical periods of Mexico, you can visit the modern hotel buildings near Reforma avenue, and walk down on Juarez avenue, so you can see the beautiful Alameda Park, which was once the playground for Mexico's dictator Porfirio Diaz, and its full with statues of Roman and Greek influence, as well as contemporary motifs; right beside the Alameda park you'll see the Palacio de las bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts), a wonderful construction inspired by French tendencies of the late 1800's, they have a museum, an opera house, and a fairly good restaurant, with free admission on Sunday, and special discounts for all students.

Also, if you keep walking down, on the opposite corner, you`ll meet with the post office, the National Museum of Art, the Engineering Museum, the Opera Bar, the Cafe Tacuba, and many other amazing sites, if you feel like grabbing a beer, you can go to Gante street, where you'll find bars and coffe shops; eventually you will make your way into the zocalo, which is both the political and the ecclesiastical heart of the whole country, a marvelous sight are the Metropolitan cathedral, and the Government Palace.

2) Coyoacan: Located south of the city, Coyacan is the bohemian side of the city, full of wide streets, poets, young artisans, coffee shops, bars, mexican fusion restaurants, lots of young vibe, and with a touch of vintage old fashion living, it is a very special place for mature and older couples too.

3) Zona rosa (The pink zone): The name says it all, it is a part of the city, near downtown, where you'll find the gay community at its prime, this particular area has lots, lots of night clubs, not all of them are gay exclusive, ask at the door, the guys will tell the kind of crowd that goes there regularly.

4) Chapultepec: Mexico's National History Museum is located here, this is a huge park divided into several sections, it has a zoo, a lake, museums, natural areas that include a large forest... this "trip" is always a favorite.

5) Teotihuacan: The famous pyramids of Mexico, they are not near the city, they are however at a reasonable driving time, about an hour or so; in here you will be able to see the architectural mastery of the ancient aztecs, truly breath taking, an spiritual experience.

6) La condesa: This is Mexico's city Gastro area, in here you will be able to taste some of the best food in the city, as well as great night clubs, bars and pubs (sort of), beautiful neighborhood.

Side attractions:

Sports: There are several sports events throughout the year in this city, baseball, basketball, soccer, box, wrestling, and beer drinking (Ha!)

These events are more of a local flair, the main thing is going to the soccer games, there are three major teams, America, Pumas and Cruz Azul, they all have tough crowd attendance; same goes for boxing and wrestling matches, however they are fun to attend to.

Amusement parks: The main parks are Six Flags, way down south, and Chapultepec's park, both have all year round discounts, just log into their web sites.

Open markets: If you feel like taking a walk into a wild scene, visit one of the many open markets in the city, the biggest one is known as tepito, it is quite a tough trip, not really for foreign tourist, but it's recommend it due to its social impact, and the unusual visuals you can find here, as well as incredible shopping discounts, but be advised, most of the merchandise is either counterfeit, or stolen, so... you figure it out.