Other Security Issues

Much has been written about safety in Mexico City, and as a rule crime there can be a problem due to the poverty that exists in many of its neighborhoods.  It always pays to be as careful as possible while traveling there.  This entails many things, among which is doing one's best to avoid being mugged and/or pick pocketed.  To do this try do not carry large amounts of cash or behave in a way that suggests that you may be, such as overtipping in restaurants or wearing expensive jewelry.  Try to avoid going out alone, especially at night, and if you can not speak Spanish try to travel with someone who can.  If you want to go sightseeing, and are unfamiliar with the city and its neighborhoods, go with an organized tour group.  If you do travel alone at night, make sure your cab is taking you roundtrip and have a prearranged time and location for pickup.

Another safety issue when traveling in Mexico is the food and water.  The water in Mexico City, with the exception of some upscale hotels and restaurants, is not potable.  Drinking it will make just about anyone who is not of Mexican origin very ill.  Drink bottled water whenever possible and avoid ice cubes. If you get a drink with ice, ask if the ice cubes are made with purified water (agua purificada). The same caution applies to food sold by street vendors.  Fruits and vegetables are often washed in contaminated water, or not washed at all.  You should not eat anything from street vendors, especially fruits and vegetables that can not be peeled before eating.