Many books have been written about Mexico City, so choosing just one can seem quite a task.  The city's history is vast, considering its age and the number of rich cultures that have grown and combined there to make the city the unique place that it is today.  For a good overview of the city's life, Jonathan Kandell's book La Capital: The Biography of Mexico City  is excellent.  The book chronicles the city's past from its beginning as a sacred place, believed by the Aztecs to have been chosen by the gods, to the coming of the Spanish and Colonial times, to the Mexican Revolution and beyond.  Kandell, the book's author, is a native of Mexico City and is personally vested in telling its story.  The book is available in most book stores and libraries as well as on .

Another, more recent (2009), book about the DF today is First Stop in the New World by David Lida. Also recommended: Mexico City in the Cities of the imagination series (author: Nick Caistor), and the photo-essay El Centro Historico de la Cuidad de Mexico by the Belgian conceptual artist Francis Alys, with text by Carlos Monsivais (English translation in appendix).

A good contemporary literary companion is The Mexico City Reader, edited by Rubén Gallo. Both it and Lida's First Stop in the New World are also available in Kindle editions.