Mexico City is made up of many different neighbourhoods (or colonias), each one having its own distinctive personality and feel.  The areas that are likely to be of most interest to foreign tourists are: Centro Histórico (historic centre); the corridor bordering Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, from the Alameda Central to Chapultepec Park; Colonias Condesa and Roma; Polanco; and, the Zona Rosa.

The heart of the historic centre is the Plaza de la Constitución (often referred to as the Zócalo) and it is where Mexico's federal government offices are located. The Plaza is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shopping streets as well as by many of the city's oldest buildings. The spot where the presidential palace stands on the Plaza is the same place where the palace of the Aztec king Montezuma once stood.

Colonias Condesa and Roma is where you will find many art galleries, small coffee shops, restaurants and parks.  Polanco is home to many foreign embassies, high-end designer boutiques, trendy restaurants and clubs and parks.  The Zona Rosa is one of the city's principal nightlife districts by night, and a bustling center of business and commerce during the daytime and you will find a half-dozen or more hotels which cater to not only Mexican travelers but an international clientele.