Sacromonte:  A high class, but totally unpretentious, Mexican restaurant.  
Consistently excellent food (both Mexican and international) as well as consistently excellent service.   Beautiful Mexican décor and relatively inexpensive.   In a beautiful former Torero’s (bullfighter’s home).    Sacramonte is a favourite amongst those “in the know” both local and visitors.     Expect to see locals in high-end cars having a business meeting or celebrating a special occasion.   Reservations are recommended.   Arguably the most recommended restaurant in Guadalajara.  
Pedro Moreno 1398, Guadalajara, 3825-5447.   Close for dinner Sundays.

Santo Coyote :   Very, very impressive décor and architecture.   Waterfalls, walls covered with folk art, green spaces.   Candle-lit pathways.   Their website gives some idea of it.   The food is good but not particularly outstanding.   But the overall experience is magical.   Definitely worth a visit.   It’s outdoors, so dress, for it.   Reservations are recommended, particularly after 8:00 pm.  
Lerdo de Tejado 2379, Guadalajara, 3616-6878, .

La Fonda de San Miguel:  Located in a former convent, easy walking distance to the historic centre (Teatro Degollado, Hotel Morales, etc.).  It contains many Mexican artefacts, shrubbery, stone arches, romantic candle-lit pathways and a burbling fountain.  It is very good food for the money and the service is friendly and attentive.  It is located indoors in an elegant courtyard; hence, it is good for cold evenings.  It may be the best choice for a nice meal in El Centro.   Donato Guerra 25, Guadalajara, 3613-0809

La Trattoria (La Trattoria de Pomodoro):   A truly excellent family type Italian restaurant.   Bright, spacious, good food—at good prices.   Reputed to be the best Italian restaurant in Guadalajara.   Food is of comparable quality to similar restaurants in places like Toronto, Rome, Milan or Venice.   Typical trattoria décor, sometimes jammed with people—so a reservation is best.   Salad bar is included, but antipastos are extra.   Not open late and not particularly romantic.   But, very good.   Ave. Niños Héroes, 3051.   Guadalajara.   3122-1817.

Chai:   Is a great place, especially for breakfast or brunch, but also for lunch or evening snacks.     Has drinks, healthy salads and snacks, magazines and books, and free wireless internet access.   Located in a wonderful mansion restored from a previous era and in a very impressive locale.   Probably has the best coffee in Guadalajara.   They also have an art gallery.   Very popular.   Located close to the universities and frequented by students.   Take your laptop and books, order a coffee and stay all day.
Ave. Vallarta 1509, Col. Americana, 3616-1299.