Throughout the year, Guadalajara has many events and festivals that entertain and attract visitors from all around the world.

            New Years day is a public holiday in Mexico, and the New Years Eve celebration in Guadalajara warrants a break from work the following day.  The streets fill with people, music floats through the air, and crowds are in great moods throughout the city.  

            A major celebration in February is the anniversary of Guadalajara.  This week long festival is government sponsored and contains many events that are held throughout the city, and free for all.

            A marathon is run annually through the city of Guadalajara every April.  The course is never the same, and for those that can’t run the whole thing, a half marathon is staged. 

            Guadalajara’s October Festival is by far the largest celebration of the year.  For the entire month, events are staged through the city that include music, dancing, performance art, food and drinks.  Although many activities cost money, free entertainment can be found every day at the fairgrounds.

            The Guadalajara International Book Fair comes to the city every November for one week. 

            In December, Guadalajara along with most other Mexican cities celebrates Las Posadas, a religious festival leading up to Christmas. 

            For more information, check out the Guadalajara Yearly Celebrations Calendar.