Guadalajara is a large city, and in its vastness contains many sports and activities to keep its visitor thoroughly entertained.

            Soccer is Mexico’s national sport, and this is evident throughout Guadalajara.   Children can be seen everywhere kicking balls in the streets, open fields and just about anywhere.   There are numerous teams of different caliber playing in the city, but none as loved as Chivas Rayadas.   Catching one of their matches is something truly special.

            There are opportunities in the city to play both golf and tennis.  Though the only golf course within the city limits is private, there are courses within a few minutes drive outside of the city.  For more information about these sports visit Guadalajara Golf and Tennis .     

            Riding horses is another activity available in the city, and they can be rented in the city proper. 

            Looking to cool off?  There are many pools and water parks within Guadalajara open to the public.    

            Because Guadalajara is such a historic and culturally wealthy city, simply walking around town and sightseeing can be very entertaining.  Make sure to bring a camera, as there are many beautiful pictures to be taken.

            Other entertaining activities include museum visits, live concerts, going to the theater or opera, and even tequila distillery tours. 

            For more information on these activities and many more, visit Things to do in Guadalajara .