If one is interested in Mexico's arts and crafts, they can be found scattered through the greater Guadalajara area but there are two primary areas of concentration that make it easy for the casual traveler - Tlaquepaque and Tonala.


Tlaquepaque is an upscale district comprised of many older haciendas which have been converted into shops, restaurants, hotels, B & B's, museums, language schools and activity for the traveler.  The "centro" area has undergone a major refurbish and very condusive to casually walking around in a very safe environment.  Tourist Police either on foot or riding bicycles are quite evident and are there to help with questions.  Naturally, the prices are a bit on the high side but still quite reasonable when compared to those typically found outside of Mexico.  Quality is very evident as shops won't survive selling marginal product.  A great cultural experience!


For those interested in a true Mexico experience and combat shopping, Tonala is the place!  With literally 1000's of shops and manufacturers that stretch as far as the eye can see, it is a shopper's nirvana.  You will see anything and everything and the challenge is to figure out who has what you want at the best price.  On Thursdays and Sundays, it is Market Day and not for the weak of heart.  Temporary stalls, booths and shops are set up anywhere free space allows.  While Tonala is known for pottery, wrought iron and glass, you will find plenty of products in many other product areas.  Truly an enlightening and educational experience!