Guadalajara is a large city and there are many options for nightlife to be explored.  Spread out amongst most of the city, the scenes are diverse and abundant. 

            Music is very important to this city, and many establishments catering to tourists will provide some sort of live music.  Frequently, restaurants will have in-house mariachi bands entertaining their dining guests.  Although some are better than others, many are high quality and enjoyable.  If looking for an excellent mariachi show, ask a local for their recommendation.  Another option is to follow your ears.    

            In areas catering to tourists, there is plenty of variety as far as bars are concerned.  From piano bars to jazz and blues bars, it won’t take much to find a pleasing atmosphere.  If interested in exploring the scene in non-tourist areas, make sure to use caution and follow the safety advice given on this, and other sites.  But there are many great local nightlife opportunities to be explored.      

            For the all-nighter, discos and clubs are the way to go.  Choosing the right club depends on musical taste and desired atmosphere, and there are plenty of options available. 

            A great place to obtain an up to date list of nightlife oppertunities is in the local publication, Público, which contains an insert detailing this issue.

            Guadalajara also caters to the non-partier.  With theaters, opera houses and ballet performances, this city has something for everybody.