Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and there is a lot to explore.  As far as public transportation is concerned, there are two main methods of getting around: Taxis and buses.

            There are plenty of taxis in the city of Guadalajara, which means that pre-arranging a ride is not necessary, but is recommended.  Hotels are happy to arrange an affiliated taxi pick up.  Street cabs (those hailed off the street) are considered to be safe in Guadalajara, but pose some risk.  Always make sure that a taxi license is visible in the cab.  Most taxis have working meters inside, but not all drivers want to use them.  The fare for a ride should be determined one of two ways.  Either insist on the driver turning on the meter, or agree on a fare based on the destination before starting the trip.  If the driver is not willing to do either, don’t take the ride.  Choose another taxi, as there are plenty available.  Before taking your first taxi ride, ask a hotel attendant about what a fare should cost to a certain destination.  Not all drivers speak English, and if speaking Spanish is not an option, make sure to carry a map, knowing where the desired destination is located.   More recently there is UBER - which many of us who live in the city use as the mode for transportation. It is secure and clean and everyone seems very happy with the service. 

            Getting around Guadalajara by bus is a feasible option.  The highest quality buses in the city are the turquoise and premier buses, which have air conditioning and are very comfortable.  However these buses cover only a part of the city. Other options are the Macrobus with its own buslane which runs on Calzada de Independencia and the metro "Tren Ligero" with 2 lines which have the same cost as normal buses. A third line will opened 2012/2013. Bus transport is always cheaper than taxi.  For general information about buses, visit Mexico Buses or the public transport planner