Guadalajara and Mexico in general host many snowbirds from all over the world for pretty good reasons, among them being of course the weather. Starting in November, the weather in Guadalajara becomes more pleasant and continues to do so throughout the next few months.

November through March are great months to visit the city. During this period, expect little rain, sunny skies, and slightly cooler temperatures, although daytime temperatures do not change by that much from the coldest average temp to the warmest average temp during the year. During November-February (and sometimes even early March), there can be some rather brisk mornings and late evenings, meaning a sweater and a heavier coat, such as a peacoat, are recommended. Also, don't forget to pack a light raincoat or a small umbrella - this is always advisable no matter what time of year you travel to Mexico, but especially as November and December can still be a bit spotty rain wise.

What change relatively considerably in general are the average nightime temperatures. While nightime temps get much cooler than daytime temps in the October through January period, they begin to rise again late January through June. This starts to get noticeable in March and uncomfortable towards the end of March/beginning of April when you're trying to get some shuteye. By April, you don't need to pack a heavy coat or a sweater even (unless you're someone who gets cold when others don't - you know who you are), but don't forget the light raincoat and maybe a long-sleeve shirt or two

Temperatures continue to increase throughout May, which is the last month of regular sun and clear skies. Once June comes around, while daytime and nightime temperatures begin to converge, the rainy season starts and continues through October. It is a full five months with frequent and very heavy rains, even including hail a few times during this stretch. It is not uncommon that some of the city's streets flood and that high winds fell trees and lightposts. Also, expect some impressive and startling lightning/thunder storms. Temperatures level out beginning in July.

If you have no choice but to travel to Guadalajara during this time for tourism or an extended stay, full rain gear is advised, including rubber boots if you've got them. Or, you can outfit yourself in the city if it comes down to it and you don't want to pack your gear from home. If you're traveling for business, you can just try to run from car to building entrance and back, although don't say you weren't warned.

Clearly, the best time to visit then is sometime during the November through May period, depending on your schedule and temperature preferences as laid out above. For further reading and even more detailed info and graphics, see this article on discoverGDL(dot)com.