Guadalajara is in most cases a safe place to visit.  This being said, there are certain precautions that travelers should take in order to ensure a trouble free trip through this city.  Like in most large cities, crime does occur in Guadalajara, so be careful of certain situations. 

            Avoid wandering around local streets while standing out as a tourist.  Although in general locals are friendly, some look for trouble.  If it is necessary to visit non-tourist areas, travel with a group.  If traveling with a group is not an option, carry an attitude of “belonging”, in other words avoid looking like a lost tourist. 

            Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, carrying large amounts of cash, looking flashy, or causing a scene.  Doing any of these is asking for trouble.    

            Avoid traveling alone at night.  This is a general recommendation for any unfamiliar area, but should be followed in Guadalajara as well. 

            Note that pickpockets thrive in high-traffic public areas.  This being said, be especially mindful of valuables on busses, in markets, or in any crowded area.  Women should keep purses close to their sides and men should store wallets in front pockets instead of rear.

            Don’t leave irreplaceable valuables in hotel rooms, unless stored in a lock box.  Another option is storing valuables with the front desk of your hotel, but make sure to obtain an itemized receipt before leaving your goods.