Map Teuchitalan.

Going to Guachimontones, you can feel like you're really discovering something, not just following a well-worn tourist route. By car, it is only 45 minutes from the beautiful Guadalajara city. It is also easily accessible by bus although it will take about 2 hours, as the bus makes frequent stops. (See paragraph below for more information on catching the bus.)

Guachimontones has only been excavated in the past ten years; though excavations have stopped currently. The Tequila Valley is an UNESCO World Heritage site and Los Guachimontones is included in this site designation. Much less is known about Western indigenous history than about cultures from the south and the Yucatan. The site is over 2,000 years old, and the architectural style is unique to the region. The amazing and main characteristic that distinguishes the Circles of Guachimontones from the rest of the cultures of Mesoamerica is its unusual architectural style, defined by four to sixteen platforms surrounding a ceremonial altar in the form of a circular step pyramid. This is the largest and most complex site with this architecture located in the center of the Tequila valleys. In the areas surrounding Los Guachimontones there are several shops selling a  number of artefacts made of obsidian, a material that was utilized for the production of art pieces during the pre-Hispanic era. It is amply used in the production of tools during the period of the Guachimontones. Please note that many of these gift stores do not sell items that are actually related to the site of Los Guachimontones (for instance you will see obsidian masks, dream catchers, and olmec figures) however these stores are getting better year by year and some are even selling replicas of the famous figures and house dioramas associated with the shaft-tomb/Teuchitlan culture. 

A secondary site to visit is Loma Alta.  It is located on a small cobble stone road directly off of the main road leading to Los Guachimontones.  To get to the site turn off on the cobblestone road on the left BEFORE the Los Guachimontones parking lot.  Then drive up several kilometers to where the cobble stone road turns into a dirt road.  On the right there should be a metal gate that leads into the Loma Alta site.  It is free, though there are no tour guides.  It also has a spectacular view of the Tequila Volcano and the entire valley below.

There is an entrance fee which is 30 pesos for adult and 15 for students.(Dec/13) Once you pass the entrance you can visit a small museum with no extra cost. Museum is small but good enough to understand the history. View from the museum is also amazing.

Going to Guachimontones by bus: Go to the old bus terminal (Camionera Central Vieja) just south of the center. Go to the second of three bus stalls and look for the stall called Servicios Enrolados, also known as Transportes de Pasajeros de Guadalajara(feb 2015 the buses and ticket booth are branded "ATE" it is at the far end of the terminal farthest from the main road.) , La Vega, Ameca, Cocula S.E. (Phone number: 33/3650-3033.) Ask for a ticket to Tehuchitlan, the town closest to the Guachimontones site. A round trip ticket costs (as of 1/1/10) 98 pesos. Buses run every twenty minutes until 8:00pm and the trip will take you about two hours. Buses make frequant stops in the city and one of them is Zapopan terminal.

Once in Tehuchitlan, the easiest thing to do is take a taxi to the site. It will cost you the same as the bus (100 pesos round trip) but it is the fastest and easiest way to get there. The cab ride is about 10 minutes. Otherwise it is an uphill hike up a cobblestone pathway which takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes. New signs are quite reliable so finding the way shouldn't be a big problem even if you don't have a map. If you are up for the hike, the climb will certainly be worth it, as you can pass through the city square and move around a bit after the long bus ride. Or split the difference and take a cab up and walk down, once the way is clear.