This water park is located about 45 minutes from Guadalajara.  This is a great place to take the family.  The water for the park comes from natural hot springs and is like bath water.  This is best visited on a cool day as the warm water will not be refreshing on a very hot day.  Be advised that the water has a sulfur-type smell to it, but once you're there for 20 minutes, you get used to it and don't notice it. There are many different pools to choose from that will thrill all different ages. It is recommended that you arrive early and rent a private pool (4-hour minimun and not too expensive).  What's wonderful about the private pools is that the pool is empty when you first arrive and is not filled until you rent it, so you know the water is pure and clean.  The private pools come with a bathroom, shower, table and chairs and there are several refreshment stands nearby, so you can grab a beer, pizza, hamburger, etc and bring it back to your pool to enjoy.  You have complete privacy, so feel free to go skinny dipping.