In this century, wi-fi is important to most people.  When looking for a place with wi-fi, ask questions.

How much per evening?

Is it included in the price.?  It adds UP!

What speed does the establishment pay for??  Very important!!!!!  If you are in a hotel with say, 200 rooms,  with a wi-fi router on each floor, paying 12 bucks a night for slow speed wi-fi  because the hotel is paying for LOW BANDWIDTH, you are being taken advantage of, because the more people using their laptops at the same time will reduce your speed as well as theirs!  If it is a higher end location that has high speed bandwidth offered in that city,  all inclusive of price, your laptop will get your work or fun done in no time, regardless of other guests using their own laptops.  Seasoned travelers know this.  Learn from them.  It will make your trip so much more enjoyable if you know in advance.  If the reservationist or travel agent that you use does not know this information,.....and you NEED fast wi-fi......keep looking for other accommodations that offer such amenities!  High speed would be considered ,(and IS available in Guadalajara) asa speed of  up to 4000 kbps... fyi.  To date, Sweden and Korea have the fastest available speeds of  up to 12000kbps! That is incredible for downloading huge files but 4000 is excellent and it is available here in Guadalajara. Just look around.  It can be found....and for free! Happy travels.............