Pena de Bernal (Bernal Boulder) is the third-largest monolith in the world, after the Rock of Gibraltar and Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. It is located beside the small colonial town of Villa de Bernal, in the center of the Mexican state of Queretaro. The monumental rock arises 248 meters over the town.The Pena de Bernal seen from the town of Villa de Bernal

There is a path used by pilgrims and hikers to climb it. There is a little chapel about halfway up, after one hour and a half hike. You could continue the way up, but you will need special equipment.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as on holidays, there is a free show of dancing water fountain synchronized to music. The show begins at 8pm and lasts about half an hour. Dancing water fountain with the Pena in the backgroundVilla de Bernal also has a small museum of typical masks.

Some people use to gather in the town and the Pena on the Spring equinox, all dressed in white, to visit the rock and receive "energy" from the Sun's rays. The Pena de Bernal with the morning Sun

The town has some hotels, like the Cabanas Bernal (Avenida Benito Juarez # 57), Meson San Jose (5 de mayo at Meson), Posada Real de Bernal (Independencia # 28) and Feregrino (Avenida Benito Juarez, without number).