Puerto Vallarta's sub-tropic climate is often compared to Hawaii's because it is located on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands.

From November to June, there is virtually no rain. Daytime temperatures average between 80 and 90 degrees F.  During these months, nighttime temperatures dip down to 70-75 degrees. This is considered the high season and is very busy with tourists. During the summer months, the temperatures range from 85-90 during the day and 80-85 at the night. It is also very humid during July, August and September. Summer time considered low season and is when Mexican nationals take vacation and Puerto Vallarta is very popular. It can be just as busy as the high season. 

There are over 300 sunny days a year in Puerto Vallarta. The rainy season lasts from about mid-June through mid October.

A chart with the monthly statistics for high and low temperatures, average amount of rainfall and average number of rain days is on Puerto Vallarta Weather Page- along with the current weather at Puerto Vallarta's International Airport.