Puerto Vallarta is an amazing city, full of history, beauty and an unlimited amount of entertainment. There are so many things to do, in fact, how can you decide what is the best thing for you and your family? Here are four popular ideas:

Take a Tour

Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous city, with so many sights, attractons and adventures that you simply cannot see it all in one trip. Experience the city like most people never do and take a tour. Whether your interests are scuba diving, horseback riding, atv & dune buggies, or a relaxing bay cruise, Puerto Vallarta is sure to deliver! Tours tend to vary in cost, and are extremely affordable. You may find huge discounts for excursions in Puerto Vallarta by booking online through companies such as The Most Beautiful Bays in the WorldVallarta Adventures, PV Tours, or Vallarta Discovery. Also for a personal Scuba Diving service you contacting to Banderas Scuba Republic.

For more information on excursions in Puerto Vallarta and some general tips see TripAdvisor's page: Puerto Vallarta Tours and Excursions.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

IContrary to what most people expect of Puerto Vallarta, you are not limited to just Hispanic cuisine. The city contains a plethora of local and foreign cuisine. From Italian, to what would typically be categorized as American, you are sure to find something to saturate your cravings. Foreign cuisine aside, the local food is simply extraordinary, and cost for dishes is miniscule in comparison to what you may be used to paying in the states (or elsewhere)!

For more information, and a detailed review of several of the restaurants in the area check out: Puerto Vallarta Restaurants or TripAdvisor's Puerto Vallarta restaurant pages .

Go out for a show

Puerto Vallarta boasts a fun and energetic night life. Evenings are full of street performers, and entertaining clubs & bars. The varying degree of night life is simply too complex to cover in its entirety. But without a doubt, there is something for everyone to enjoy! For a list of just a few of the city's shows, concerts and attractions see: Puerto Vallarta Concerts and Shows or Rhythms of the Night. This pre-hispanic dinner show is a mix of mysticism and romance and takes place between the palms of the torch-lit jungle on Las Caletas beach.

Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant history

The culture of Puerto Vallarta is based heavily off of the city's history. Remnants of this history can be seen across Puerto Vallarta in forms of the haunting ruins of a colonial era fort left by the spanish empire, to the safe haven from pirates in local ports. This city's rich history is sure to delight any history buff!

You can also take a tour to see how tequila is made, or to visit Guadalajara

Puerto Vallarta is an absolutely extraordinary city, full of mystery, intrigue and delight! By taking advantage of the fore mentioned tips, you are sure to enjoy the city like never before! But most importantly, have fun and be safe!