A frequently asked question on the Forum is "How much to take a Taxi from the Airport to a particular Hotel?”     Rates for Zones 1, 2 and 3 (see below for hotels included in zones)  current as of AUGUST, 2016.

At the Puerto Vallarta airport, taxi fares are federally regulated and non- negotiable and they are priced in pesos. One can pay in dollars (American) but it is better to pay in pesos since you will save money, as the exchange rate they give you on those dollars will not be as good as what the ATMs in the Airport Lobby will give you. So, wise to visit the ATM machine first.

Taxi and Van rates are per vehicle, not per person.   A taxi can accommodate 1-3 people plus luggage.  Otherwise you will need a larger vehicle.  But always ask.  Some cabs will provide roof racks, etc.  You may not need a van. 

When you go through Immigration, you will proceed to get your luggage, as in any airport.  Just before the luggage belt, you will see luggage carts.  They are free (no deposit).  Take as many as you need. because there are no porters until later. 

When you get your luggage, you have to proceed through a scanner.  All your luggage (inluding purses, but no coats, belts, shoes, etc) must be put on a belt to be scanned.  After they go through the scanner you put them back on your cart(s) and push a button.  If you get a Green light you proceed, if you get a Red light you proceed onward with your carts, towards the tables to have your bags opened and checked.

 NOTE:  As of 2016, you do not have to have your baggage routinely scanned.  However, things change so be aware that the scanning equipment is there.

The porters are no longer just after Customs (as of January 3, 2013).  They are after the Timeshare area. You have to leave your luggage carts here.


After pushing the light, proceed to your left with your luggage and through the Timeshare area (often called the Shark Tank).  There are at least two different rooms separated by sliding doors.  You will see counters on both sides of the rooms staffed by people in what look like uniforms.  Some of them will approach you.

Please note that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STOP!!!    Some enterprising salespeople  will tell you have to, but pay no attention.  Tell them " No you don´t have to stop here".   Keep walking and exit the final set of  sliding doors.  You will  see a taxi booth on your immediate right, people waiting for passengers on the other side of the glass wall, and, as of January 3rd, 2013, porters on your left.  

If you want an airport taxi, buy a ticket at the booth.  Fares are by Zones.  Tell them where you are going,  and get a receipt. It´s a good idea to know in advance in which Zone your hotel/condo is located and what the fare is (see below).   You will keep one copy, and your driver will give one to the clerk as you exit the airport.  This is your assurance against being overcharged. 

You can also pre-book a private transfer from the airport to your destination (some of the available transfer companies listed below):


* Find more useful information in Puerto Vallarta: Arriving & Departing .

* For those wanting a lower taxi rate from the airport and having light luggage, you can take a standard Yellow city cab for a lower rate if you exit airport property and take the foot bridge over the main highway, located to the left on exiting the Arrival Terminal, or walk toward the One Hotel (blue hotel you will see when passing OXXO).  

It's a short walk across the bridge, with steep ramps on both sides, going up and down.  You will be met by a representative of the taxi union on descending the ramp.  He will have a clipboard and quote you a rate which will be "approximately" 2/3rds of the Federal Taxi rate, based on your destination.  He will then hail a taxi for you.  This information is current effective August, 2016.

 If you walk toward the One Hotel, bearing right as you pass OXXO, you can find a yellow city cab and pay the standard rate (usually less than walking across the bridge).  It is a flat-sidewalk 10-minute walk with no steep ramps.

Below is a list of hotels in each Zone and the fare for each.  If your hotel is not listed, or you are staying at a private condo, check out the maps at http://www.vallartainfo.com/.   And, when you return, please edit this page to update the list to include your Hotel or B&B if it isn´t included. 

Rates current as of August, 2016


ZONE 1A          MARINA VALLARTA                       


Cab: (1-3 people) $210.00   Van:  $400.00 Pesos 

  • Condos like Bay View Grand, Portofino, Shangri La, etc.
  • Flamingos Vallarta
  • Casa Velas
  • Club Regina
  • Marina del Rey
  • Marina Golf
  • Marriott Casa Magna
  • Mayan Palace
  • Melia
  • Velas Vallarta
  • Villa Vera
  • Vamar
  • Westin Hotel

HOTEL ZONE / DOWNTOWN             

Cab: (1-3 people) $226.00   Van:  $452.00   Pesos

  • Buenaventura                                                        
  • Buganvilias
  • Canto del Sol
  • Condohotel Villa del Mar
  • Crown Paradise
  • Encino
  • Fiesta Americana
  • Friendly (Hola)
  • Grand Venetian Condos 
  • Golden Crown Paradise
  • Hilton Vallarta
  • Hotel Catedral Vallarta
  • Hotel Krystal Vallarta
  • ICON
  • Las Palmas Beach Resort
  • Los Tules
  • Now Amber / Secrets Vallarta Bay
  • Peninsula condos 
  • Pescador
  • Plaza Iguana
  • Plaza Pelicanos (Club and Grand)
  • Portonova Plaza
  • Porto Allegro
  • Puerto de Luna
  • Rosita Hotel
  • Royal Holiday Club
  • Rio
  • Sheraton
  • Suites La Siesta
  • Sunscape (formerly Holiday Inn)
  • Sunset  Plaza
  • Villa del Mar Beach Resort and Spa
  • Villa del Palmar 
  • Villa Premiere


Cab: (1-3 people) $300.00  Van:  $600.00 Pesos


  • Casa Isabel
  • Casa Corazon
  • Conchas Chinas                                                          
  • Costa Sur
  • Costa Vida
  • Casa Doña Susana
  • El Dorado Condos
  • Grand Miramar
  • Hotel Emperador
  • Hyatt Ziva
  • La Terraza Inn
  • Lindo Mar
  • Los Arcos Suites
  • La Palapa Condos
  • Loma del Mar Condos
  • Mercurio
  • Molino de Agua Condos
  • Playa Los Arcos
  • Plaza Mar Condos
  • Pinnacle Condos (Signature, Residences)
  • San Marino
  • Selva Romantica Condos
  • Tropicana
  • Vallarta Sun Hotel/Suites
  • One Beach Street Condos
  • Posada de Roger
  • Torre de Oro (formerly The Abbey)
  • V177 Condos
  • V399 Condos
  • Vallarta Shores
  • Villa Mercedes
  • Villa Vista
  • Vista del Sol Condos

SOUTHERN NUEVO VALLARTA                               
See above Zone 2 rates

    • Dreams Villamagna
    • Grand Bliss
    • Grand Luxxe
    • Grand Mayan                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    • Grand Velas


  • Marina Fiesta
  • Marival
  • Mayan Palace
  • Mayan Sea Garden
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Occidental
  • Paradise Village
  • Solare
  • Villa Varadero


Cab (1-3 people)  $360.00   Van:  $705.00  Pesos

  • Bel Air                            
  • Royal Decameron
  • RIUs (Palace, Jalisco, Vallarta)
  • Samba
  • Villa del Palmar Flamingos


(please see above for Zone 3 Fares)

  • Barceló Mismaloya
  • Park Royal (Best Western Plus Suites)
  • Condo Las Penas
  • Garza Blanca
  • Gemelas
  • Girasol Sur
  • Hotel Mousai
  • Playa Esmeralda
  • Playa Fiesta
  • Grand Fiesta Americana


ZONE 4   PUNTA MITA  (not sure if these are current - please update if you have new information)

Four Seasons, St. Regis, Porta Fortuna, Hacienda de Mita (plus anything inside the Punta Mita Development ) as well as any condos or hotels in the town outside (El Faro, Punta Vista, El Anclote Condos, Hotel des Artistes).

  • Palladium
  • Casa de Mita
  • W Punta Mita

Taxi (1-3 passengers):   800-900 pesos for a cab.  Van.  ?