Update - September 2016


Day Passes are a wonderful way to see other resorts, as well as a way to experience an All Inclusive option. 

[Note: Prices listed are subject to change.] 


El Pescador (just north of Hotel Rosita)

 $100 MX - $50 MX goes towards food or drink..


Fiesta Americana

 Day Pass - $75 USD (8 am – 6 pm)                                  Evening Pass $75 USD (6 pm – 1 am)

 Full Day Pass - $110 USD (8 am - 1 am)


Hotel Rosita

 $100 MX and it goes to food and drinks as well.


Mantamar Beach Club

Day pass: $500MX per person, $350MXN of that used towards your consumption.  For anyone looking for long term access they also offer Beach Club Memberships of six months for $5000MXN or twelve months for $8000MXN.  


Playa Los Arcos

 $199 MX pesos and all goes to food and drinks from 10-6.  A full All Inclusive day pass is also available for $499 MX pesos which includes access all day and evening.  You will have to leave picture ID with the registration desk and pick it up upon leaving.


San Marino

 $390 MX includes drinks and food, towel, lounger. You have to leave picture ID with the front desk.


Sapphire Ocean Club

 $220 MX includes unlimited water/flavored water, towels, Wi-Fi.


Sunscape(formerly the Holiday Inn)

 Adults  - $80 USD (dependent upon occupancy)                 Children - $45 USD (dependent upon occupancy)


Tropicana Hotel

 $180 MX. If there are 2 of you, you get $180 MX credit towards food & drinks. If only 1, then $80 MX.



Westin Resort & Spa

 $350 MX for adults, $200 MX for children with $100 pesos (adults) and $50 pesos (children) credited to food and beverage consumption.  Available 10 am to 7 pm.  Includes use of pool area, restaurants, beach services, cabanas and Family Kids Club.