Alagua: This restaurant has a nice location and decent, but limited menu, however their food quality is hit and miss. The personnel that are not timeshare were very nice but there are too many much better places without timeshare hounds.  (Alagua specializes in seafood, and is a sister restaurant to La Puntilla.)  The beach is right in front of the restaurant, right next door to El Cid Hotel.

Lupes Locos or Lupes Lokos: This restaurant is excellent and is highly recommended for cold beer and excellent pescado frito and very reasonable prices. The service is fantastic and the food is delicious. If you like vanilla flan, have it here. Great place.   The sign for Lupes Locos is easy to miss because it's on the beachfront palapa's roof below street level.  It's located almost directly across from the Hotel De Cima.

 Puesta del Sol: Stone Island is quiet, except for the occasional tours that came in by bus to visit this small piece of heaven.  The favorite place there is Puesta del Sol. The beers were cheap and cold, the fish is fresh and prepared to perfection. The service is fantastic. 

Joe's Oyster Bar: Go to Joe's to enjoy the beautiful views, cold and reasonable beers, and some really good food. The kilo of peel and eat shrimp is good and fresh and you'll like the garlic fish fillets there as well. This place has great service and the friendly staff that remembers you year after year. Henry, the sunglass guy, and several of the other vendors will come by to show off their wares. Joe's is a fun place with a good variety of music, something for everybody, and good food and beer, but the views are what sets this place apart from many others.

Diego's: Diego's is a pleasant surprise. The service is very nice and friendly, the beer cold and reasonable, and although the menu is somewhat limited, it was very nice. It also offers food other places normally do not. The pork shank is excellent; one order was enough for two. But the brisket may be a little fatty and flavorless. They sometimes have a live Canadian singer, or very nice recorded music playing over their sound system. This is another nice place to sit and have a drink and enjoy looking at the water.

Munchkins: They still have the best ribs and best 28-ounce porterhouse around. Although their prices have inched up slightly over the last couple of years, they still have some of the coldest and cheapest beers in town. Referring to the one across from the Dairy Queen, just in case anybody is wondering.

Beach Burger: Always need to have a few beers and a fish sandwich at Beach Burger at Plazuela Machado. You ask for it without sauce and create your own horseradish and ketchup mixture in its place, but you could also be happy with their house sauce. It's a nice place to sit after hiking around.

Mariscos El Chino: Head down to the Cerritos area to check out the old restaurants at the edge of the water and you will be greeted by restaurant owners showing their offerings to entice clients in. The pescado frito is very good and very, very cheap. The beers are cold, reasonable, but the service a little slow. It is one of the better places to eat in this area, but their restroom, although clean, may not be one women would use. If you are in the Cerritos area though, this place may be worth a visit.