Living It Up at the Casino in Manzanillo Juega, Juega is the only casino in Manzanillo and is a smash hit with both tourists and locals alike. With 150 slot machines that start from 10 centavos, about one cent in American dollars, it’s easy to get pulled into playing a couple games even if you’re not a gambler. To play, all you have to do is buy credits that are attached to either a plastic card, or else a numbered receipt. With the receipt, you just have to punch the number into the machine and with the card; you insert it into a slot on the machine. The other side of Juega, Juega offers an area of the casino where you can bet on any type of sport that you can imagine. If they are not showing the sport that you would like to be betting on, you can just ask them to change the channel. They provide scratch sheets and all of the odds right up until one minute before post time. Inside the casino, you are welcome to free coffee and sodas and you have a wide selection of reasonably priced food and drinks including a large variety of tacos from the restaurant right outside the main entrance. The casino in Manzanillo, Mexico is a great place to kick back and relax for awhile if you are looking to get out of the heat of the day or just looking for a place to have fun with some friends in the evening.