If you are planning to visit Manzanillo on a cruise ship be sure to do your homework. Manzanillo is one of the largest commercial shipping ports on the West Coast. When you arrive, your cruise ship may dock in one of two places; either at a dock specially built for cruise ships right next to the giant sailfish statue next to the city centre, or in an industrial area next to large container ships. 

Since 2009, most cruise ships have been docking in the harbour, there's a small shopping area, a few good restaurants, and a couple of places that have a bank machine. 

If you do end up docked in the industrial area, you do not have the option of simply walking off the ship and exploring, but don't worry; when you disembark, there will be a line of tour busses, cabs, and shuttles waiting to take you wherever you want to go. Taxi service in Manzanillo is fairly inexpensive, but it's really best to have a plan.  There are a few nice resorts and a beach in Manzanillo, but they are a 20 minute cab ride from the port. Do some research in advance, pick out a resort or plan to book an excursion (highly reccomended).

Tourism is new to Manzanillo. However there are several nice resorts in the area. Some that offer all-you-can-eat food and an open bar for a flat rate. This may be a good option for cruisers who just want to spend the day relaxing, indulging, and soaking up the sun. If you are feeling more adventurous, your cruise ship probably offers a tour of nearby Colima, the "magic village" of Coloma, and the pyriamids/ruins of La Campana (on Carnival this is called the Colonial Tour).