Los Cabos - Understanding the Areas.

First: "Los Cabos" is the name of the area that includes Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo.  There is often some confusion.  Cabo San Lucas is the southernmost end of the Baja California peninsula and San Jose Del Cabo is the town further north (on the east side of the peninsula) and is the area where the airport is located.  The two areas are connected by what is referred to as the Corridor.

The vacation areas in Los Cabos are often referred to as these 4 different areas.

1. San Jose Del Cabo (The furthest north).  San Jose is not as busy as San Lucas (The furthest south).  There are more quiet getaways here.  The beach is affected more by strong currents and can be flagged with warnings not to swim.  The beaches are large but may have a drastic slope (after quite a few yards of flat) just before you get to the water.  Some beaches can be rock and completely un-swimmable.  Unless you just want to stay at your hotel and relax, you will need to consider transportation for activities.  Taxis, buses and shuttles are plentiful if you don’t want to hassle with a rental car.  Some resorts will be just close enough to downtown San Jose to walk there.  The Dolphin Encounter at the San Jose Marina is a great experience that includes pickup/drop off at your hotel.   Access to water activities such as Wave Runners, Paddle Boards, Para Sailing, etc will not be as readily available as more southern locations. You will need a taxi to get to it but a great place for diner is Las Guacamays.  It is not in the most picturess part of San Jose but the food is some of the best authentic mexican food and the margaritas are great!  You will see great reviews here on tripadvisor.

2. The Corridor (Between San Jose and San Lucas).  This area is just the long stretch (corridor) that connects San Jose and San Lucas.   Much like San Jose, it is a good location for quiet getaways.  Almost everything that you do outside of your resort will require transportation.  The corridor has a variety of resorts that differ in price and amenities.  Most beach areas here run the same “no-swim” risks (some being completely rocky and un-swimable) but a couple resorts have little pocket coves that are a little safer for swimming.  Check you maps and hotel information in detail if swimming in the sea is important to you since you will most likely not be able to swim!

4. Medano Beach (Cabo San Lucas bay area). This is the actual San Lucas bay area.  The southernmost hotels on Medano Beach will be walking distance to the Marina/Downtown San Lucas area (Cabo Villas, Casa Dorada, ME, Pueblo Bonito Hotels).  The Para Paraiso Mall at the Marina has some wonderful shops. This area has the most consistently swimmable beaches in the Los Cabos Area. Wave runners, paddle boards, parasailing, water taxis and other water activities are readily available. If you don’t mind walking knee deep into the water, you can catch a water taxi on the beach to head over to the Marina area or head out to the “Arch” rock formation.  The hotel ME Cabo is a Nikki Beach (would renown beach nightclub) location.  You will also find The Mango Deck (food/fun/beverages/Music/ and maybe a wet T-Shirt Contest) and the Office (A restaurant made up of tables and beach umbrellas right on the sand). Some say the nicest hotel in the area is the Casa Dorada Resort and Spa (Sometimes the ME is also called Casa Dorada but don't be confused).  Casa Dorada gives you a high-end setting that is right near action and activities. 

5. Land's End. This is the area that is the actual tip of the Baja Peninsula.  This is considered to be in the San Lucas area.  The hotels here actually sit on the Pacific Ocean and the currents and drop-off make the beaches unsafe for swimming.  If you want views and upscale hotels (Like Capella Pedregal) and don’t care about swimming in the Ocean, this is the place for you. Depending on the resort, you are not too far but maybe not walking distances to the Marina/Downtown area.  It is here on the hills that overlook the ocean that you will find the homes of many rich and famous people.

Los Cabos Area Map