In general, road travel through Baja California is not highly recommended and visitors should seek other means of getting around.  Visitors interested in learning about options for internal travel should visit ; visitors seeking specifically to learn about public transportation options should visit .  Visitors will find that road conditions and other safety issues make travel by both taxi and rental car somewhat risky.  (Additional information about Baja California safety concerns can be found at .

Travelers who feel very comfortable traveling throughout Mexico may consider taxis.  If so, taxis should always be hired from reputable companies.  Grabbing cabs at taxi stands in front of well-known hotels is usually the safest bet for taxi travel.  Always ask for the fare (tarrifa) before getting in the cab is good advice in almost any country. In many major cities of Mexico the rates are on a sticker on the cab but down in Cabo San Lucas where they have some of the most expensive cabbies in all of Mexico.Taxi tours are an option within Baja California, but travelers should make sure to book such tours through a local travel agency in order to ensure legitimacy and secure safety.

Travelers who do opt to rent cars for travel throughout Baja California are reminded that special insurance is required for such travel. In addition for those that wish to drive themselves they should be made aware that the road signs are only in spanish however most have an international icon to help. 

Additional information can be found at Visitors should obtain both accident and theft insurance, as car crimes may be a problem during a Baja California stay. It may be less expensive to rent cars within Baja California, as opposed to renting American cars and driving over the border, but American rental cars are generally considered the safer option.