Baja California is a place rich with human history.  It is believe that the area was first settled by Native American tribes nearly fourteen thousand years ago, when prehistoric man first began roaming the area.  The major tribes associated with the history of Baja California are the Cochimies, the Pericues and the Guaycuras.  Despite the prevalence of these tribes, a number of other tribes also moved in and out of the area over time.

Native American tribes thrived in the area for many centuries.  Unfortunately, when the Spanish came and conquered the area in the late seventeenth and early eighteen centuries, the Native American tribes were virtually wiped out.  The Spanish conquerors used the area as a base for missionary work, converting the remaining tribes to their faith.

Since that time, the history of Baja California has been closely associated with a fierce division between North and South.  In the beginning, this was a religious division, with Northern Baja California being dominated by the Franciscan church and Southern Baja California being controlled by the Dominican church.  In the middle of the nineteenth century, the Dominican area became a part of the United States, making up what is today considered to be Southern California.

The division between Northern and Southern Baja California did not end with that change. In approximately 1930, the remaining Baja California split again in to Northern and Southern Baja.  Twenty years later, Northern Baja became an official state in the country of Mexico.  Another twenty years after that, Southern Baja also became an official state.  These two states have had an uneasy peace ever since.

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