There are not too many museums on this Caribbean island, but a few art and history exhibitions do exist. Leo’s Art Gallery on Seahorse Drive features locally produced artwork with environmental and religious themes, ranging in price from under $100 to over $2000. Flovin Gallery at the International Bazaar also has a nice collection of paintings and ornaments for visitors to admire or purchase. Bahamian Tings, located at the cross of Poplar and Crescent Street in Freeport, has West Indian sculpture, paintings and crafts at reasonable prices.

The main attractions of the island, however, still lie in its beautiful natural beauty. There are several national parks on Grand Bahama with wildlife habitats, unspoiled beaches and preserved forests that visitors may enjoy. The Lucayan National Park is home to the Lucayan Caverns, one of the longest cave systems in the world. The Arawak tribe formerly used these caves for dwellings, and remnants of their civilization can still be seen. Another national preserve is the Rand Nature Center east of Freeport that offers excellent bird-watching opportunities amid a brilliant tropical forest scenery.

On Thursday and Sunday evenings, there is a Bonfire Party with free transportation, live entertainment, and dinner for around $50 per person.

Note:  Pirates of the Bahamas Beach Theme Park on Taino Beach was damaged, prior to the fall of 2005, by a hurricane and is no longer in operation