Lucayan Caverns & Park, High Rock, and Mathertown on your return would be a great day trip! First start out early and do by renting a car at Brad's or KSR both offer great rates but drive on the left! Don't want to drive hail a cab, ask for a quote on a long day trip well worth it will be more than the rental but the drivers are great island ambassadors.

Head East to the caverens and park across the street have comfy walking shoes. There is a modest admission to the park and see the caverens first gleaming into island history dating back to the Lucayan Indians and the islands fresh water supply you may even see a bat! next across the street the lucayan national park  and beach were pirates caribean was filmed down the beach  a bit, low tide is the best but this area can get busy with tours if cruise ships or junkets are in town.

So head out to the village of HIgh Rock at the west end is Bishops resort sit back enjoy a ice cold Kalick or Sands beer and his famous Bahamian delights for lunch as in cracked lobster or fish and enjoy a walk for several miles west of his resort. Now on the way back stop in Mather town and do a dinner or just enjoy a cold one at theSand bar or,Cleavelands or Bearthas Blue Dingy these are all located in Mather town also on great beach area.