On a tropical island like Grand Bahama, there is simply no end to the kind of activities you can enjoy. The white sand beaches that ring the island are always a safe bet, as they are good places for sailing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and windsurfing. Many companies offer either guided tours or equipment rentals for these sports. Try Kayak Nature Tours, Ocean Motion Water Sports or Caribbean Divers if you find yourself short a surfboard or wetsuit.

Half the fun of exploring Grand Bahama lies in finding the great secluded beach spots around the island, but for those who are short on time or need a little help getting started, these are some excellent place to start looking: Lucayan Beach, in the heart of Freeport, is always crowded with tourists., but a short walk to the west will take you to Coral Beach, a less crowded place for water sports and relaxing in the sun. Xanadu Beach, also popular with tourists, has many vendor selling local goods. Finally, Paradise Cove Beach is a rather secluded spot along the western part of Grand Bahama, ideal for snorkeling or volleyball.

Fishing, particularly fly-fishing, is also becoming a popular sport on Grand Bahama. Bonefish are quite numerous in the waters around the island, especially near Deep Water Cay. Companies that will either take you on a fishing expedition or rent you the requisite equipment are Captain Phil & Mel Bone-Fishing Guides, Paradise Water Sports and Lil B Fishing.