The Native Fish Fry at Smith Point is a Grand Bahama institution.  Held on the beach every Wednesday night right next to Taino Beach Park, several restaurants engage in a typical native cookout, where fried snapper reigns supreme, but also available are steamed grouper, lobster, conch of all kinds, BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, jerk pork, jerk chicken, and other Bahamian delicacies.  The restaurants pipe typical Bahamian Rake N Scrape music, and Outriggers has a dance floor that is going all night.   Music at Outriggers begins as Rake N Scrape and Pop tunes, but around 10:00 PM or so changes to urban beats and hip hop.  Just 5 minutes by taxi from Port Lucaya, the fish fry is a must-do for tourists and natives alike.  Dress is beach casual, bring long pants and a windbreaker in winter, shorts and t-shirt are fine for the rest of the year.  Restaurants such as Da Bus Stop, Outriggers, Tony Macaroni's Conch Experience, Gully Wash, Penny's and The White Wave have BBQs going well into the night, but  plan on arriving early (before 7:30 PM) for the best selection of food and cold beer.

As of October 2014, the fish fry at Smith's Point is a must do.  It can be a low key evening early on and turn into quite the club atmosphere as 10pm arrives.  The meals are served as early as 430pm. 

The fish fry is held on the beach.  There are only three restaurant/bars partaking in this event.  Outriggers seems to be the most popular. Tony Macaroni's closed as the event got started. Tony's is a wonderful place to eat during the day.

Outriggers had the best drink prices.

The meal was an entree, rice and peas (kidney beans in Texas) and one side.  Conch salad $12. The grouper was $18.  BBQ ribs $12. Fried chicken $10. Fried fish (whole, head on) was $10. Side items were baked mac and cheese, cole slaw, potato salad or a dinner roll. Dessert was a choice of sweet breads.  Guava Duff for was amazing. So good, that we went back for seconds on the Guava Duff. Each person in the group bought a different entree, each of the entrees were great.

Do not get in a hurry. You will stand in line to place your order, collect your food and wait for then to cook your food.  The chicken takes the longest to cook...30 minutes. Get in line with a full, fresh beverage.

The locals really start to show up as the sun goes down and that is when the line for food becomes long. The local young women dress up for this event. Some tourists dress up but, most are a casual dress.  You will want to go straight for the bar if you choose to wear heels to the beach ladies.

There are plenty of taxis anxiously awaiting customers at this event.