The neighborhoods in Nassau reflect the economic, political and urban change that The Bahamas has undergone in its past and contemporary era.

Downtown Nassau is the center of the Bahamian government. There, you will find the pink House of Parliament, the old Colonial Secretary's Office and the Supreme Court around a statue of Queen Victoria in Rawson's Square.

Crossing the bridge from Nassau to the north is Paradise Island. It has been a haven for the rich and famous for decades, among its guests and residents were Howard Hughes and the former Shah of Iran. Now, its still maintains the glamour and it is known for its nightlife, shopping, dining, casino and beautiful beaches.

Heading back over the bridge to Nassau you can then head East. A drive along the coast reveals beautiful old colonial mansions facing Montagu Bay. Driving further East along Bay Street you will pass many of the long standing Bahamian neighbourhoods including Blair Estates, and the beautiful homes along the coast. East Bay Street follows the coast right to the "Eastern End" of the island. Then the road heads south to Yamacraw Beach with lovely views.

Cable Beach, now featuring luxurious hotels, a casino and a breathtaking beach, surely forgot its humble origins when it was named after the laying of transatlantic telephone cables linking The Bahamas to the rest of the world. The Cable Beach area is home to many old neighbourhoods including the Grove, Skyline Heights, Sandy Port, and Delaporte.

 Many Bahamian neighbourhoods are located "over the hill." Which means literally over the East Street Hill that runs near Bay Street. These are very old neighbourhoods that are home to many older clapboard houses.

 Heading West on Bay Street past Cable Beach lies Orange Hill, Adelaide and Gambier Village (which are historic settlements), Love Beach, Old Fort Bay and then the private enclave for the wealthy, Lyford Cay which is on the western tip of the island.

As the country develops more and more neighbourhoods are being created all over the island.

A tour of New Providence and its many neighbourhoods is a fascinating glimpse into its historic past. Any taxi driver will happily take you on a tour of a wide diversity of neighbourhoods. Bahamians are used to sharing their island with visitors and are proud of their homes and gardens.