Being the national capital of the Bahamas, Nassau's architecture reflects the city's history and multi-ethnic culture.

There were pirates who for centuries terrorized the island. Blackbeard and Anne Bonney are the famous. So you will find forts like Fort Fincastle on Bennet's Hill, guaranteed full view of the ocean, and now, no pirates around. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and all of the island of New Providence and Paradise Island. It is said that its 66-step staircase was sculpted by slaves in 1793. Another example of the old defense system is Fort Charlotte. It features a moat, open battlements and dungeons.

You’ll find beautiful historical Victorian mansions and cathedrals (Nassau has a high concentration of churches, there is almost one in every corner. Bahamians are extremely religious.) See the Nassau wooden houses with ample balconies, big windows allowing the sea breeze embrace the space and the people and cool down the Caribbean sizzling day. See the houses lined in the street painted in bright colors, and see how architecture and people create the street’s joyful atmosphere.