Located in downtown Nassau on the corner of George and Marlborough streets, Pirates of Nassau is a true landmark nestled in three historical buildings: The Slave Kitchen, which is approximately 200 years old; the Lofthouse, which is approximately 150 years old and the Marlborough Arms which is approximately 100 years old. The exhibit which opened in 1998, is a world-class interactive experience that has been called the "best Pirate Exhibit in the World," by Dr. David Cordingly, author of "Under The Black Flag," former head of exhbitions at the Greenwich Maritime Museum, and renowned contemporary authority on pirates.

 Many people are not aware that during the golden age of piracy, Nassau was at the epicenter and was the base for the greatest concentration of pirates ever seen in the New World. Visiting the Pirates of Nassau Museum visitors are getting a slice of authentic Bahamian history

For more information about Pirates of Nassau visit their website at www.pirates-of-nassau.com