The trip to the island takes about 40 minutes.  At the first stop you encounter iguanas on an otherwise unpopulated island  They all congregate on the beach when they hear the boat approaching because they know they are about to be fed with fruit, which the crew will give you to offer them (on the end of a stick is the preferred method!).

Feeding the iguanas

 Ray feeding

 Shark wrestling!

 Next stop is the shark and ray encounter.

You will be able to feed rays by hand (it's safe if you follow procedures) at the water's edge.  The sharks as well - but not by hand!  You will have an opportunity for a snorkel trip following the sharks.  They're only reef sharks, so are unlikely to eat you!

Lunch, which is included, is served at this venue. At the end of an exhilarating day, you head back to Nassau harbour.