Nassau is the Capital of the Bahamas, and is located on the Island of New Providence.  It is one of the smallest islands in the Bahamas, but is home to the majority of the 300,000 Bahamians.  Currently, Nassau (New Providence) residence is upward of 180,000 people. 

Paradise Island is a seperate Island north of Nassau, New Providence, connected by a set of bridges. 

There are several notable neighborhoods on New Providence Island.  Cable Beach houses several large resorts and boasts a long stretch of pristine beach.  Lyford Cay is the home of the wealthy, and is protected by gates and well guarded.  South Ocean and Adelaide are in the South Western section of the island and boast small strips of beautiful beaches as well as mangroves and bonefishing flats.  They also have a very nice golf course which should be reopening soon.   There are many other neighborhoods, too many to list, such as Fox Hill, Marathon, Sound Beach and others.

The government of The Bahamas is located in downtown Nassau.  Travelers can see the pink buidlings of Government House and Parliament, as well as experience the British founded "Changing of the Guard", which happens every third Saturday of the Month.  Rawson Square is located just outside the port exit on Bay Street.

Nassau's number 1 business is tourism.  Cruise ships account for a major part of those numbers. Nassau's second largest business is banking.  There are hundreds of banks and financial instituions registered in the bahamas.  There is very little farming or manufacturing in Nassau.  Most products and food are brought in from the states, or from other islands.

Even water is barged in from the out island of Andros.  Everyday the barges ferry fresh water back and forth to the island.

Nassau boast a record number of churches.  You'll find one nearly on every corner in the suburban districts.  Bahamians are very religious as a whole.