Spring and fall seem to be the best seasons to visit New Providence as the weather is warm and the air is breezy due to the tradewinds.  March & April are a high season around the spring break holidays and summer months become crowded with families as kids are out of school.  In winter it is low season and you can find great deals on hotels and airfare and it's not as crowded.

The Islands of the Bahamas enjoy a semi-tropical climate thanks to the warm Gulf Stream currents and balmy tradewinds.  Temperatures typically range from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 - 27 Celsius) most of the year with summer highs rarely above 90 F and winters lows seldom get below 60 F at night.  Rainfall is most unlikely from November through April.

Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November.  Hotels are prepared to handle these situations, and they have plenty of supplies.  Be prepared to reschedule your flight if a hurricane is on the way as the Nassau airport is closed.

Holiday time in the Bahamas means stores and offices are usually closed the day of the holiday and sometimes the day before, if the holiday falls on a weekend it is usually celebrated the following Monday.