Althought there is no language barrier between the English speaking world and bahamians, there are plenty of Slang words tossed around that you might want to be familiar with.  Bahamian slang is intermingled with american english as well as british words and slang.  A very colorful and interesting sound. Please note that these slang language is also widely spoken in the Turks & Caicos Islands, neighbours of the Bahamas.

argie: to argue
back-back: to go in reverse (Pronounced wewoise) in a car
big-eyed: greedy
biggety: anything bold, brassy, and boastful
big up: Pregnant
boonggy: rear end or hind quarter ; considered a national word
bound: constipated
break: without money (broke)
bright: light complexion
buck up: to crash, as in car
bungy: alternative pronouncement to boonggy
bust-up: badly drunk or intoxicated
calm head: smooth hair in a female
camolly: lump, or bruise
conch: large mollusk; considered to be an aphrodesiac; national food
cowboy: to take an abbreviated bath, without getting in the bath.
cut hip: to give a beating
dead: used as an adjective to intenisfy anything ("dead" ugly)
duff: boiled, fruit-filled dough; a national desert, much loved,with a rum flavored sauce
fast: describes someone who steals, or cannot mind their own business
general: form of address from man to man
gin up: to screw up, mismanage
high: bad smell
hurt: to put a hex on
jack: friend
jam up: to crowd
jumbey: spirit
leg short: arrived too late
long out: to pout
lover: generic name for all Haitian males
low fence: someone that is easy to take advantage of
mashup: smash up a car in an accident
muggage up: to beat up
picky head: short, thin hair pucketery: in a jam, or quandary
purge: to vent rage
quarm: to walk in an affected way
reach - to arrive (as in.. he not reach yet)
shuttail: without pants
sip sip: gossip
show sef: show off
spilligate: to go out on the town
stiff-toe gang; rigor mortis, or to die
sweetheart: affair
tarpree: low class, gullible; like "low fence"
terreckly: soon, from 'directly'
tote news: to gossip

Popular Sayings
“Don’t let your mout (mouth) carry you where your foot can’t bring you back from”