Although most hotels have breakfast available on the premises, there are other options as well.

On Paradise Island, the News Cafe and Choosey at the Hurricane Hole Plaza both serve reasonably priced Breakfasts.  You'll also find Anthony's Express on Casino Drive with a diverse and affordable menu.

In Nassau, you'll find Cafe Skan's on Bay Street serving a sit down breakfast, or cafeteria style offerings.  This is local food as well as eggs, pancakes and french toast.  Great Johnny Cake.

RoLay's at East Bay and Victoria Street serves a native breakfast for $2 - $4.50

In the shopping arcades between Bay Street and the wharf, you'll find small cafe's serving coffee and pastires or bahamian specials such as Tuna and Grits or Corned Beef and Grits for $1 or so.    There's also a Starbucks on Bay Street for a quick breakfast w/ coffee.

Imperial Takeaway is located across the street from the British Colonial Hitlon.  You can find a $4 breakfast special in this casual setting. There are several wooden booths to eat-in, or take your breakfast to the beach.

On Cable Beach, Cafe Johnny Canoe serves up a terrific american breakfast at a reasonable price, and Sabarros has a breakfast menu.  The Swiss pastry shop up the block on Bay Street has fresh pastries available daily.