Kids are certainly excited by their arrival in the bahamas.  What's not to love?  From the beaches, boats and fishing, to the dolphins and stingrays and everything in between.   There are many fun activities for the kids, and most of the resort hotels have some sort of activities or Kids Clubs.  

Atlantis on Paradise Island is a kids dream come true.  From the wading pools and sprinklers of the kiddie pools to the lazy river and 9 exhiarating waterslides including a slide through the shark tunnel, kids have a full service experience at Atlantis and nearby venues.    Wyndham Nassau Resort at Cable Beach recently closed their kids club.  But they have a large pool with a waterslide.

The Dolphin Encounter, located on a nearby private island called Blue Lagoon, gives youngsters and adults alike, the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and sea lions.  There are several levels of participation, so everyone can enjoy the experience.  

Blackbeards Cay and Pearl Island both have exciting stingray adventures.   Guests can feed and pet the penned stingrays, and swim along with them as the glide through the crystal clear waters just outside of Nassau Harbour. 

There's also an exciting snorkeling adventure for those who like to marvel at underwater creatures.  Stuart Cove's afternoon snorkeling tours includes a shark feeding stop.   Guests will be given strict instruction on how to behave in the waters as they snorkel above a dozen or more reef sharks feeding on a feed basket lowered for their meal.  Once swimmers are safely back in the boat, the feed basket is brought to the surface and opened for a shark feeding frenzy.  What a rush!!!

For a calmer snorkeling adventure, you can choose to sail on the Flying Cloud, Seahorse or Barefoot Cruise's Flying High out to the reef off of Rose Island, where you can snorkel and relax off the coast of this beautiful private island.   These beautiful boats rig up their sails once they are out of the harbour for an exciting sail in the open waters.   This is great for family fun.

You'll also find a quiet little zoo outside of downtown Nassau, with the world famous marching flamingos.  Ardastra Zoo has several shows a day, as well as other types of birds and animals roaming freely on the grounds.  You'll find peacocks,  parrots and a pot bellied pig along the rustic pathways as you enjoy the zoo and gardens.

 Nassau is also the home of the Pirates Museum.  Located in downtown Nassau,  where you can board a replica of the Pirate ship "Revenge" and enter the world of cutlass weilding, bloodthirsty pirates.

All in all, the bahamas is a childrens paradise.

For adults, you'll be happy to know that there are an abundance of affordable food options for kids.  Most hotel restaurants have kids menus, but you will also find most fast food options like back home.  

Restaurants such as Carmines at Marina Village on Paradise Island, serve abundant family style meals, and there are offerings for lite breakfasts and cafe style dining as well.   Downtown Nassau offers a variety of dining too.  There's Quiznos, Pizza, Chinese and even Domino's deliver to stretch the budget and satisfy picky eaters.

Local restaurants at the Fish Fry (Arawak Cay) just outside of downtown Nassau, have a very affordable and diverse menu of authentic Bahamian favorites.  These restaurants make traveling family style affordable.  Just ask the locals or you're taxi driver where to go, or you can even take the #10 jitney to the Fish Fry during the day before they stop running at 7pm.