Salt Pond Bay is a great place for families--the water is usually calm, the bottom is sandy with sea grass, and there are usually sea turtles in the area.  Sailboats frequent the bay.  A rocky outcropping, about a 1/4 mile swim from the beach is teeming with beautifully colored fish and coral.  Salt pond is a very short hike from the beach.  It's kind of smelly and the mud is sticky, but you can harvest crystallized sea salt around the edge.  You can also make a slightly strenuous 1 mile hike up to Ram Head, where legend has it that escaped plantation slaves jumped to their death rather than being taken prisoner and "broken on the wheel."

There are picnic tables and trash receptacles at the beach.  From the small parking area it is a 10-20 minute hike downhill to the beach.  There are lots of cacti and other Caribbean plantlife along the hike.

To get there from Cruz Bay, take Center Line Road towards Coral Bay.  Just before Coral Bay, turn right onto road 107.  The parking area is approximately 2.5 miles ahead on the the left.