Many visitors to Cruz Bay choose to get around by car, renting from one of the dozen-plus services offered (motorcycle rental is not permitted).  To go to other islands, such as St. Thomas for air arrival and departure, ferry service is your best bet, unless you want to go through the unnecessary expensive of further flying.

Car rental will cost a minimum of $50 per day.  Driving in Cruz Bay, as with all places in the Virgin Islands, takes place on the left side of the road.  Be careful when driving, roads will be wetter, steeper, and more curvaceous the further from the Bay and into the Park one travels.  Still, the advantages of being able to explore the island by yourself or your family, on your own time, probably outweigh the cons and other transport alternatives, such as taxi service.

Taxis only charge on per person/destination bases, as opposed to the use of meter.  There is also a public transportation option in the form of the Vitran Bus System, which connects the Cruz Bay ferry dock to Coral Bay and to Salt Pond Bay.  Buses leave hourly at an affordable rate of a dollar a ride, though they do not provide a dependable service.