Cruz Bay weather typifies that of the Virgin Islands to which it belongs—it is always amazing.  Seasons do not exist so much on St. John, at least outside of what we call summer, though June through August are the hottest months, with temps in the eighties.  Average temps dip some ten degrees for the “winter.”  St. John is also about two degrees colder on average than its Virgin brothers.  

The hottest temperature on record in the Virgin Islands is 99 degrees, the low a totally un-chilly 52.

Water weather is equally consistent and very warm.

Honeymooners and other vacationers run more of a risk of rainfall in autumn months, and hurricanes are known to frequent the cluster of islands between June and November, the most dangerous months by far being August and September.  The last major hurricane to hit the Virgins was in 1995.  

Unless paranoid of hurricanes, there really is no best or worst time to visit Cruz Bay.  The summer does, however, host more activities of interest than usual.  Carnival, a month long festival of food and music, culminates on July 4 with a parade.  February is also the time of the Tuff Mile race, an 8.375 mile run up, over, and down the hilly terrain of St. John.  If these activities seem interesting, or annoying, itinerary changes may be in order.

The vacationer is also encouraged to island hop while staying at Cruz Bay to check out events at St. Thomas and St. Croix.