Cruz Bay’s net presence is most minimal, and so recommended reading for the city may be the best way for potential vacationers to pre-explore the destination.

If you’re looking to reside in the town rather than just visit, be sure to check the Cruz Bay Villas website for purchasing prospects.  ( Cruz Bay Reality Inc. furnishes more of the same.)

For those with less money, the St. John’s section of the Virgin Islands Now site is an excellent starting place for visitor’s information.  The part of the site providing info on the island details Cruz Bay frequently, as the city is its center for commerce and nightlife.

The most practical web presence for those creating their Cruz itineraries, however, would be the one for St. John itself; accommodations, shopping, and dining descriptions for Cruz Bay are extensive here and very useful.  It would be advisable to explore this site inside and out before boarding your flight(s) to the Bay.