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Most of the travel works regarding Cruz Bay tackle the St. John Island as a whole, since approximately two-thirds of its population is housed in Cruz and nearly all commerce occurs there.  And of these books, St. John Off The Beaten Track may be the most unique and interesting.  Written by Gerald Singer and illustrated by Natasha Singer, this book provides much history and photography to serve as enticement to, or memento of, the island.

St. John Beach Guide, also by Gerald Singer, is a coffee table type guide book with more photos and textual detail.

Another couple, Rebecca S. Koladis and Randall S. Koladis, put out St. John On Foot and By Car, with much for the Cruz Bay visitor to use.  Providing what it calls a 2.5 hour self-guided tour of the city, the text explores common hikes, views, and museums.  Should vacationers wish to be day-trippers, then this work is most excellent, providing three additional, similar tours to keep visitors busy for weeks.