You'll find the trailhead to Haulover Bay on the east side of the isthmus, about 4 miles past the Coral Bay Moravian Church. Just follow Route 10 to the isthums until you see Round Bay on the west.  Haulover Bay is on the east side, hidden by about a hundred yards of trees.  Find parking and look for a path. The water is no more than a 150 yard hike on a trail that is easy to follow.

Haulover Bay is a great place to visit for the experienced snorkeler.  The beach is not sandy, but rock and rubble, which makes for clear water.  There are relatively few visitors here because it takes some time and effort to reach.  The snorkeling is about as good as it can get.  Large schools of fish, sea turtles, beautiful coral formations and few, if any, people make for a great morning or afternoon.