Charlotte Amalie visitors will find that there are plenty of places to see and things to do to keep them occupied during their vacation.  Visitors to Charlotte Amalie can plan a trip through the different centuries of the area in order to fully experience the past culture and history there.  They can start in the seventeenth century with Fort Christian, move into the eighteen century with the Haagensen House and proceed to the nineteenth century with the Seven Arches Museum.  Modern art of the area can then be explored at the Mango Tango Art Gallery.

  • The Afro-Caribbean Drum Center and Museum houses a large collection of drums from Africa and the Caribbean. Tours are 12, 1,& 2PM daily (closed Sundays). The fascinating story of drums is discussed and includes demonstrations. The tour ends with a hands-on drum jamdown with real conga drums. It is the perfect family or rainy day activity!
  • Fort Christian ( ) is a historic home built in the seventeenth century using a unique style of architecture combining fort buildings with residential buildings.  The history of the Amerindians of the area is displayed throughout this historic home in a museum which is comfortable and educational.
  • Haagensen House ( ) offers travelers an interesting look at the history of Charlotte Amalie.  This historic home was created during the eighteen century in the Danish style of architecture unique to the area.  Within the building itself are artifacts from the West Indian influence on the area.
  • The Seven Arches Museum ( ) is an example of a nineteenth century artisan’s home now displaying artifacts relating to the area.
  • Mango Tango Art Gallery ( ) will let visitors explore the modern forms of creative expression in the area.