Charlotte Amalie sees beautiful weather all throughout the year.  However, there are months which are rainier than others and months during which the area is considered at risk for hurricanes, so visitors should be aware of the annual weather conditions when making their travel plans.

The hurricane season in the area is the Atlantic Hurricane Season which runs from June through November.  This does not mean that there are always hurricanes during this time, but that these are the months during which hurricanes may occur.  August and September are the riskiest months so summer travelers may want to plan for the beginning of the summer rather than the end.

The rainiest months in Charlotte Amalie are usually those coming at the end of hurricane season.  Beginning in September and continuing on through November, rain may be likely to occur.  The rain is rarely steady but rather is intermittent and generally won’t ruin a Charlotte Amalie vacation but should be considered during the planning stages of the trip.

In terms of temperature, the average low temperature stays between seventy and eighty degrees all throughout the year and the average high temperature stays between eighty and ninety.  Updated weather information is online at or .