When visiting St. Croix ther are two ways to get yourself "off the beaten path".

There is a section of the island that is, let's say, unpassable, with your rental car. this part is on the west end and offers exceptional views of the north shore and a little more adventure for the average visitor. the two ways to get there: Geckos's Island Adventures, and Tan Tan Tours.


Gecko's Island Adventures offers ATV rides that travel over about 17 miles of terrain. You drive along the west end coast line before heading up into the mountains. you stop off at a scenic overlook and the head to the second highest point on the island. from there you visit some historic plantation ruins from the early 1800's and then decend through the rain-forest befrore ending at a local beach bar/resturant.

Tan Tan Tours provides island wide tours year round.reservations can be made on an individual or group basis. but as they say "the more the marrier". Each tour displays the true beuty of the island. Tan Tan's excursions come in three sizes. 2, 4, or 8 hours.