St. Croix's history begins with the Arawak and Carib people who also inhabited many other Caribbean islands. When it was discovered by Christopher Columbus, the gateway to Europe opened. Dutch, English, and French people took turns colonizing the island and adding their cultural influence. In 1917 however, the United States purchased the Virgin Islands. Today St. Croix sheds light onto all the cultures that it has seen all the while being a part of the United States, making tourism extremely easy for North Americans.

The culture in St. Croix is typical of island culture in that it is relaxed and spirited. The "Jump Up" Festival showcases the funloving spirit of the people of St. Croix. The block party and parade brings in a lot of tourists to partake in the festivities. Calypso bands play everywhere while "Mocko Jumbies" dance up and down the streets. These characters are dressed in all white with straw hats and are elevated on high stilts. The tradition dates back to the 13th century or perhaps even earlier.

The St. Croix Heritage Trail is a great way to learn more about the culture of the island by taking a look at its history through museums and former plantations. The trail is for driving but gives tourists a chance to see a lot in one go.

Great island music, cuisine, and relaxation is all a part of the fabulous mix that encompasses the culture in St. Croix and a major part of what its tourists love.