Tobago is home to several world-class beaches, and these offer a range of water sport activities including windsailing and scuba diving. The crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean offer some of the best water for divers. Unlike many other islands that are packed with jet skis and water skiing, Tobago is more laid back. The pace of the island retreat is slower than most, so be prepared for a calm you won’t often find in other islands.

In addition to the beautiful beaches Tobago is also home to one of the world’s oldest protected rainforests. The Main Ridge and Little Tobago Island reserves are home to dozens of species of birds and other wild life. Bird watching is something of an island specialty, and the Grafton Caledonia Sanctuary is another spot to see some rare and seldom seen birds such as the Mot Mot, while the small islands of Plymouth and Black Rock offer more than 50 unique species to be viewed. On the beaches of Tobago’s northwest coast visitors can also get a close up view of the leatherback turtles, who come to nest from April to July each year.

To really experience the beauty of the island hit the bike trails. There are riding options that offer a variety of wide and fairly easy trails for beginners, but also those that provide some challenges for those who want to “earn” the views. But after a long and steep climb, you’ll be glad you made the effort!